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MIOMBO - Southern Africa Regional Network

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Science Plan Summary:

The Miombo Network comprises an international network of researchers working in concert on a common research agenda developed to address the critical global changes research questions for the miombo woodland ecosystems. The network also addresses capacity building and training needs in the Central, Eastern and Southern Africa region.

The research strategy described here provides the basis for a proposed IGBP Terrestrial Transect study of land cover and land use changes in the miombo ecosystems of Central Africa.

Research activities aimed at understanding how land use is affecting land cover and associated ecosystem processes; assessing what contribution these changes are making to global change; predicting what effects global change in turn could have on land use dynamics and ecosystem structure and function. The Science Plan will also support information and initiatives regarding to carbon credits and the mechanism to Reduced Emissions from Degradation from Deforestation (REDD).

Core area for the Science Plan are:

  1. Patterns, causes and rates of change in land cover in relation to land use
  2. Discovering biodiversity and predicting its changes (assessing current biodiversity, monitoring biodiversity changes, understanding and predicting biodiversity changes)
  3. Assessing impacts of biodiversity changes (on ecosystem functioning, services and human health)
  4. Establish a strong link between science -policy making – people (to ensure that science works towards achieving improved food and livelihood security).

Contacts and additional details:

With questions and suggestions please contact: Natasha Ribiero (Miombo Network Coordinator).

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