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NERIN - Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network
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NERIN is an informal network of scientists and other professionals, institutions and observational networks and projects within the thematic scope of GOFC-GOLD and NEESPI (Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative, which is a program of internationally supported Earth System Science research in the region).The primary goal of NERIN is to promote and coordinate the production and provision of Earth System observations for a wide range of user communities in Northern Eurasia. NERIN works with universities, forest and land management agencies to ensure continuous, high quality observations for operational and management applications.

At a series of workshops, network participants formulated regional research priorities in Earth observations and framed collaborative projects. Reports and other materials from NERIN workshops in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006 (Tomsk and Moscow), 2007, 2008 (Syktyvkar) and 2009 (Almaty), are available. New continental land cover map and test site data from the network project NELDA are free for downloading. For sources of remotely sensed data for Northern Eurasia see NEESPI Data Portal, Terra Norte, and GOFC-GOLD catalogues.

Because of diversity of natural and socio-economic conditions across Northern Eurasia, separate networks gradually emerged within NERIN including CARIN (Central Asia Regional Information Network), SEERIN (South-Eastern Europe Regional Information Network), NEERIN (North-European Regional Information Network), SibRIN (Siberian Regional Information Network), other networks are under development. The next workshop is planned in June 2012 in Yoshkar-Ola with focus on impacts of 2010 drought on Volga river basin.

Contacts and additional details

The network includes two closely linked thematic components:
Land Cover - (Olga N. Krankina) and
Fire -
(Tatiana Loboda)


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