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SCERIN - South Central and Eastern European Regional Information Network

The goals of SCERIN are to promote and coordinate the production and provision of Earth System observations for the user communities in South Central Europe. We plan to work together with the regional forest and land management agencies to ensure continuous, high quality observations for operational and management applications, facilitating feasible and sustainable natural resources management practices.

SCERIN geographic domain encompasses Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe, the Danube watershed and western Black Sea coast. It is an informal network of scientists and other professionals based in the region or with scientific interests in the region. SCERIN contributes to GOFC-GOLD and has strong linkages with the Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI), which are programs of internationally supported Earth System Science research.

Thematic focus of SCERIN

Current Activities and Status

Contacts and additional details

With questions and suggestions please contact: Petya Campbell (SCERIN Network Coordinator).

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