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SCERIN - South Central and Eastern European Regional Information Network

SCERIN-1 Meeting

17-18 June 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

The first meeting of SCERIN (SCERIN-1), was held 17-18 of June 2013, and hosted by the Faculty of Science at Charles University, Prague. The sponsors of the event included GOFC-GOLD, START, NASA, ESA, and CU. Detailed information regarding the meeting is provided by the hosts at the SCERIN-1 Meeting web site.

The goals of SCERIN-1 included:

  1. Inform about ongoing scientific efforts and projects with possible contribution and follow-up activities of the SCERIN participants.
  2. Review the availability of satellite data, products, and approaches for land cover monitoring in South Central and Eastern Europe (SCE).
  3. Outline the specific land-cover and land-use change research, applications and development needs in the SCE region.
  4. Form Focus Groups (FGs) to resolve specific regional and national issues, as requested by the SCERIN community.
  5. Outline the objectives and location for a capacity building meeting/workshop to be organized by the network within the following year.

To ensure continuity and collaboration between the existing networks in the region, SCERIN-1 was conducted in coordination with the regional meeting of the International Geographical Union (IGU) LUCC Regional Meeting, held in Prague, Czechia, 20-22 June, 2013.

SCERIN-1 included 3 related activities:

  1. SCERIN-1 Meeting, 17-18 June 2013, entitled: “Current Focus and Future Directions in LCLUC Science in the South and Central Europe Regions”.
  2. Scientific Field Trip, 19 June 2013, entitled: “LCLUC in Sokolov Region in Northwestern Bohemia affected by mining activities“ to observe typical examples of LCLUC, including land-use change associated with open-cast mining, reclamation, re-vegetation, and monocultures of Norway spruce.
  3. Trans Atlantic Training (TAT) in coordination with IGU LUCC, 20-22 June 2013, entitled: “Classification methods in Land-Use/Land-Cover Change”, during which leading remote sensing experts will provide a 2-day advanced training session for SCERIN and IGU students and post graduates.

Information from the SCERIN-1 meeting:

Next meeting:

  • Currently the next SCERIN meeting (SCERIN-2) is planned for June 2014 in Poland. The dates, hosts and location are currently being determined.

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