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First select a geographic area of interest from the "Selection Location" drop box. If a more specific search area is required, then use either the Earthscape II interface to draw a bounding box on a map, or enter the coordinates manually.

Next, select the keywords that you wish to use from the list. Please note that some searches may produce too many returns, while conversely others may result in too few. Keywords can be combined in a single search by holding the Control button down while selecting the keywords. This may aid in narrowing the number of returns. Searches can also be restricted according to time period.

The results of the search are a list of databases that match the selected criteria. The databases are listed by title, shown in decreasing likelihood of importance, with Canadian databases shown first.

Each return has a detailed description of a particular database. The descriptions can be used to see if the database contains information relevant to your needs. The descriptions also contain contact information, and may have information about how to order individual data products. Some databases allow for searching through the Internet, and provide the ability to search down to individual data products.

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