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GOFC Data Portal

The portal is divided according to the three main GOFC themes. It provides users with an interface to specify search criteria which include region of interest, temporal window, and predetermined keywords. A user can define his region of interest by selecting from a list of locations, or drawing a rectangle on a map.

The GOFC Data Portal provides a view of the International Directory Network (IDN) customized to meet the requirements of the GOFC Implementation Teams and Regional Networks. Scientists can use the portal to browse the directory and search the distributed databases. It will evolve over time as GOFC develops new projects and products. Note that currently very few datasets are actually produced by GOFC, but this portal provides the capability to look for datasets that are relevant to GOFC's concerns.

Of the thousands of collections which are listed on the IDN, the datasets that match the search criteria will be returned back to the user. Information returned from the search contains metadata, which describes the identification, the quality, spatial reference, and distribution of digital geographic data. If there is any product level data available on Internet, the user is able to conduct a distributed search. Thumbnail and browse images will be returned with the metadata, if available, and can be used to evaluate the product. Some products also provide a link to download the data.

Questions or problems concerning the GOFC Data Portal may be directed to Leander Campbell

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