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GOFC-GOLD Series number 18

Appendix 1: Break Out Group on Adequacy and Advocacy 19kb
Appendix 2: Section for Earth Observation CEH Monks Wood UK 3,461kb
Appendix 3: Introduction to GOFC-GOLD 698kb
Appendix 4: Breakout Groups 11kb
Appendix 5: FSU – Jena: Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing 2,591kb
Appendix 6: LUCC International Project Office 2,553kb
Appendix 7: The GEOLAND Integrated Project 1,121kb
Appendix 8: Global Land Cover 2000 Project 6,513kb
Appendix 9: Agenda for Sessions 6 to 8 and breakout groups 63kb
Appendix 10: GOFC-GOLD Land Cover IT Meeting - Agenda 1,411kb
Appendix 11: Max-Planck Institute: Regional Carbon Balance Studies 2,591kb
Appendix 12: Participants List 14kb
Appendix 13: GMES Service Element (GSE) for Forest Monitoring 6,994kb
Appendix 14: JAXA Regional Scale Monitoring Initiative 1,451kb
Appendix 15: JAXA Regional Scale Monitoring Initiative 10,000kb
Appendix 16: Jena 213,264kb
Appendix 17: Joint USA-European Assess. of Tropical Forest Change 15kb
Appendix 18: Constraints on land cover and Carbon fluxes 647kb
Appendix 19: GTOS summary and status report 595kb
Appendix 20: GOFC-GOLD Land Cover IT meeting invitation and agenda 47kb
Appendix 21: Overview on LCCS verison 2 26,506kb
Appendix 22: Updating the CORINE land cover database in Germany 4,313kb
Appendix 23: Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network 645kb
Appendix 24: ESA applications related to GOFC 4,429kb
Appendix 25: The IGBP-ESA Networks Initiative 6,282kb
Appendix 26: Poster: Global land cover for the year 2000 14,664kb
Appendix 27: Global Land Cover Network (GLCN) Initiative 5,849kb
Appendix 28: DEMMIN – Test site for environmental monitoring 3,455kb
Appendix 29: ScanEx – Inventory of RS data for Russia and CIS 13,082kb
Appendix 30: GOFC-GOLD Southeast Asia Regional Network 10,966kb

Appendix 31: GOFC Implementation 742kb
Appendix 32: land use and cover change observations for global carbon 52kb
Appendix 33: Terrestrial Carbon Observation System(TCOS)-Siberia 30,731kb

Appendix 34: Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC) 231kb
Appendix 35: The Global Land Cover Facility 15,847kb
Appendix 36: Challenges for Land Cover Implementation Team 24kb
Appendix 37: MODIS Land Cover: Status and validation 3,619kb
Appendix 38: GMES issues 5,997kb

GOFC-GOLD Series number 18

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