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The regional networks provide a forum for users and researchers operating in (or with an interest in) a common geographic area, and represent a link between national agencies and user groups and the global user/producer community. They provide a mechanism for sharing of resources and expertise, and perform an essential cross-cutting role in the implementation and integration of GOFC-GOLD's thematic components.

Not all parts of the world may be represented by regional networks, nor is it necessary for agencies or groups to join a regional network in order to contribute to, or participate in GOFC-GOLD. However, they do provide important visibility and credibility to the organizations which participate in them.

Current GOFC-GOLD Working Groups 

Working group on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Dedradation (REDD WG)
Contact: Martin Herold
Working Group on Biomass Monitoring (Biomass WG)
Contact: Christiane Schmullius

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