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Posted 30 November 2000

Report of the G3OS, Joint Data and Information Management Panel, fourth session

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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, May 28, April 1, 1998

Mr Karl reported to JDW on behalf of the Ad Hoc Working Group 1, a joint group with AOPC. The group recommended that the monitoring of GUAN and GSN be performed for temperature (including maximum and minimum temperature) in an operational mode and for temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and wind in a delayed mode.
Dr Webster and Mr Searle reported on behalf of the Ad Hoc Working Group 2. The group felt that a formal procedure would be necessary for the data centres to participate in the metadata-related activities and that a mechanism for the feedback from users should be developed. With regard to the roles of JDIMP and other scientific panels in the data management activities, the former should overview the adequacy of procedure, dataflow, etc., while the latter should identify data sets.

The participating data centres in the G30S data centres workshop, recommended to be held in 1999, should be identified by science panels. Data set registration is closely related to the issue of "What is a G30S data set? Dr Murray reported that the Data Management Plan be composed of a main part covering matters of all the three observing systems in common and three separate annexes dealing with specific issues for each observing system. A chapter specific to the metadata issue would be necessary. The Plan should be consistent with the "template to guide JDIMP".

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