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IGOL Report Series

The following section contains the main reports from the IGOL theme team.

IGOL Report No. 1 :: IGOL (2004) Report of the 1st Theme Team Meeting of Integrated Global Observations of the Land (IGOL), 13-15 September 2004.
Presentations :: Report - 386 kb
IGOL Report No. 2. :: IGOL (2005) 2nd Meeting of the IGOL Theme Team Meeting of the Integrated Global Observations of the Land, USGS, Reston, Virginia, USA, 20-22 July 2005.)
Report - 202 kb
IGOL Report No. 3. :: Liu, Jiyuan and Townshend, J. (2005) Special IGOL Meeting: To Obtain Chinese input on the development of the IGOL Theme Report, Institute for Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources, Beijing, China, 3rd September 2005.
Report - 19 420kb
IGOL Report No. 4. :: Janetos, A. C. and Townshend. J.R. (2005) Integrated Global Observations of the Land (IGOL) – an IGOS-P Theme, Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Conservation and Biodiversity, John Heinz III Center, Washington DC, USA, 3-4 November 2005.
Report - 357kb
IGOL Report No. 5. :: IGOL (2006) 3rd Meeting of the Theme Team of the Integrated Global Observations of the Land (IGOL), Beijing, China, 27 Feb. - 1 March 2006. Report - 173 kb
IGOL Report No. 6. :: IGOL (2006) Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Agriculture, FAO, Rome, Italy (8-10 March 2006), IGOL Report No. 6.
Report - 5971kb
IGOL Report No. 7. :: Justice C.O. and Becker-Reshef I.(Eds.) (2007) Report from the Workshop on Developing a Strategy for Global Agricultural Monitoring in the framework of Group on Earth Observations (GEO), FAO, Rome, Italy, 16-18 July 2007, Report - 4223kb
IGOL Report No. 8. :: Townshend, J.R., Latham, J., Arino, O., Balstad, R., Belward, A., Conant, R., Elvidge, C., Feuquay, J., El Hadani, D., Herold, M., Janetos, A., Justice, C.O., Liu Jiyuan, Loveland, T., Nachtergaele, F., Ojima, D., Maiden, M., Palazzo, F., Schmullius, C., Sessa, R., Singh, A., Tschirley, J. and Yamamoto, H. (2007) Integrated Global Observation of the Land: an IGOS-P Theme. Report - 4586kb (final draft)
IGOL general
IGOL - A proposed theme to the IGOS-P (version 2) PPT- May 2004 - 93kb
IGOL - Transition statement PPT- Dec 2007 - 42kb
Additional documents can be viewed under the meetings section

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