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To allow the IGOL theme team to develop the theme report the following workshops have been organized or are planned.

13-15 September 2004
1st IGOL theme team meeting, Rome, Italy.
Presentations :: Report - 386kb

20-22 July 2005
2nd IGOL theme team meeting, Reston, Virginia, USA.
Report - 202kb

3-4 November 2005
Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Conservation and Biodiversity, Washington DC, USA

Report - 357 kb

Summary document - 27kb

A Synthesis of Rapid Land-Cover Change for the Period 1981-2000 - 1299kb

Chapter 28 Synthesis: Condition and Trends in Systems and Services, Trade-offs for Human Well-being, and Implications for the Future - 135kb

Figures for Chapter 28 - 1198kb

GTOS Sec to participate in the peer-review for CBD - 95kb

CBD - Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-2) - Executive Summary - 2673kb

GCBD - Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO-2) - Full document - 5048kb

8-10 March 2006
Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Agriculture, Rome, Italy
Report - 5791kb

Summary document - 20kb

27 Feb. to 1 March 2006
3rd IGOL theme team meeting, Beijing, China.

Report - 173kb

16-18 July 2007

Workshop to develop a Strategy for Global Agricultural Monitoring
in the framework of Group on Earth Observations (GEO).

See details :: Report - 4223kb

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