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The following section contains general presentations on IGOL and specific presentation on the various topics.

IGOL general
IGOL - A proposed theme to the IGOS-Partnership PPT- May 2004 - 95kb
IGOL 1st Theme team meeting (13-15 September 2004)
Integrated earth observations (Tschirley) PPT- 567kb
IGOL (Justice-Townshend) PPT- 46kb
Theme team content PPT- 16kb
MDGs, and WSSD plan of implementation (Singh) PPT- 2007kb
Harmonization and validation of LC datasets (Schmullius) PPT- 3467kb
Requirements for fire observations (Justice) PPT- 9137kb
Global environmental change science (Ojima) PPT- 5405kb
Terrestrial observation panel for climate (Justice-Belward) PPT- 2722kb
Observational needs for IGOL (Justice-Janetos) PPT- 33kb
State of soil information worldwide (Natchtergaele) PPT- 1262kb
Agro-MAPS (George) PPT- 1570kb
Forest resource assessment (Saket) PPT- 4963kb
IGOL final (Latham) PPT- 12198kb
Terrestrial Ecosystems Monitoring Sites (Servin) PPT- 1960kb
Building European operational capabilities (Arino) PPT- 5593kb
US remote sensing capabilities (Justice-Townshend) PPT- 2207kb
Global cooperation on earth observations (Rio) PPT- 2405kb
JAXA input to the IGOS-P (Justice-Rosenqvist) PPT- 1997kb
Population and urban land use from space (Elvidge) PPT- 1116kb
FIVIMS global GIS database (Ataman) PPT- 2349kb
Topographic data update (Muchoney) PPT- 2036kb
Discussion (Beakout) PPT- 2036kb
IGOL 2nd Theme team meeting
..cooming soon PPT

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