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May 2004IGOL theme approved at 11 IGOS Partners meeting, May 2004.
June - July 2004Proposal revised following the guidance received at IGOS-P meeting.
September 2004First IGOL theme team meeting. Scope on the highest priority observations and target areas determined. Identified the need for additional expertise and sub-teams.
November 2004Initiated comprehensive assessment of official existing requirements by area. Draft statement of requirements.
February to April 2005First draft of enhancements required prepared.
May to July 2005Initial draft report prepared and circulated to theme team.
July 20052nd theme team meeting. Draft theme report discussed. Balance between requirements and capabilities assessed. Final report outline agreed.
August 2005Develop a comprehensive report on the needs/requirements from existing programmes studies for biodiversity, soils, land degradation, food security, health, wetlands.
September 2005Writing assignments for Team Members to Draft Specific Sections.
October 2005Seek external review.
November 2005Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Conservation and Biodiversity.
November 2005Prepare final document.
December 2005Circulate report for review to broad community. Make modifications and updates, most sections now complete and reviewed.
December 2005Submit Theme Team Report (first draft).
March 2006Special Meeting on Observational Priorities for Agriculture.
May 20063rd IGOL theme team meeting, to finalize report.

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