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IGOS Documents, Themes and Links
Documents and links

General Documents

    IGOS partnership agreement: final, 1998 28kb
    IGOS partnership process: revised version, 03/11/2003, 155kb

    IGOS Brochure: 01/07/2003 1,276kb
    IGOS and Information System and Services: final, 04/2000, 107kb
    Final Report of the CEOS ad hoc Team on Utilisation: draft, 28/10/2003, 146kb
    IGOS Type-II WSSD partnership agreement: 01/02/2003 61kb
    10th IGOS Partners meeting report:final, 168kb
    10th IGOS Partners Meeting participants list:final, 98kb

GEO Related Documentation

    IGOS participants in the GEO process: 27kb
    IGOS position paper for GEO: 03/11/2003 28kb

    IGOS Discussion Paper on GEO draft, 29/10/2003 30kb

    IGOS Information note for GEO: 22/10/2003 37kb
    IGOS Liaison Group Terms of Reference: draft, v. 1, 02/11/2003 26kb
    IGOS-P Task Force on Implementation Report: draft, 05/09/2003 32kb
    IGOS-P Presentation for Baveno Meeting: draft, 25/11/2003 2,157kb

    Group on Earth Observations (GEO) website
    Earth Observation Summit website

Theme Documents

    Integrated Global Ocean Observations Theme, final, 01/2001 1,546kb
    Integrated Global Carbon Observations (IGCO) Theme,
resent document and PPTs 32,734kb
    Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations (IGWCO) Theme,
draft, v.1.05, 04/11/2003 619kb
    Integrated Global Geohazards Observations Theme
, final, 10/2003 2,469kb

    Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations Theme, draft, v. 8, 10/2003 1,343kb
    Integrated Global Coastal Observations Theme

          Coral Reefs Sub-Theme/Potential Coastal Theme, Final Report, 05/06/2003 1,551kb
FAO paper on emerging IGOS Themes: draft, version 5, 11/08/2003 94kb
    Integrated Global Observations of Land (proposal): draft, 19/11/2003 33kb

Full list of IGOS Documents

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