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IGOS-Partners 11bis Meeting

18 November 2004 - Beijing - China
REPORT - NOW AVAILABLE 15/12/2004 598kb *new*

    Meeting 1st announcement: 24/09/2004 46kb
    Draft agenda: version 0.1b, 29/09/2004 82kb
    Registration form (including accompanying persons): 24/09/2004 31kb

    Draft full weeks schedule for Beijing: 29/09/2004 44kb

     Delegate information pack for CEOS Plenary: v3.0, 24/09/2004 1,257kb


1. Organization of the session
1.1 Opening of session
1.2 Adoption of the agenda
1.3 Working arrangements for the session

2. Review of the 11th session
2.1 Review of the minutes from the 11th session
    2.2 Review of action items from 11th session

3. GEO progress
3.1 Report from GEO Co-Chairs representative
    3.2 IGOS-P participation since IGOS-P-10

4. IGOS-P position regarding GEO
    4.1 Draft position paper
    4.2 Discussion
    4.3 Way ahead

5. Theme for approval
    5.1 Coastal

6. Brief status report on other themes
    6.1 Ocean

    6.2 Carbon

     6.3 Water Cycle
     6.4 Geo-hazards
     6.5 Atmospheric Chemistry
     6.6 Coral Reefs Sub-theme
     6.7 Land
     6.8 Cryosphere

7. Socio-economic "Theme" issue
    7.1 Report on IGOS-P Workshop
    7.2 Way forward for IGOS-P

8. Any other business

9. Review of IGOS-P-11bis actions

10. Date and venue of next session

11. Format of Partners' meeting

12. Closure of session


For details of timing and speakers please see the meeting agenda.

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