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Water resources
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Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW)
The CCIW is one of the world's leading information centres on the Great Lakes. Organizations within the Centre focus on environmental research and development, monitoring, resource management, charting, and coastal and harbour engineering.

GEMS/Water Collaborating Centre
The GEMS/Water programme involves several United Nations agencies and international organizations that are concerned with freshwater quality issues worldwide.

Great Lakes Information Management Resource (GLIMR)
The GLIMR is an information resource that provides an index of Environment Canada's Great Lakes programs, publications and databases. It contains links to other environmental networks.

National Water Research Institute (NWRI)
The NWRI is Canada's largest freshwater establishment and operates in partnership with the Canadian and international science communities.

UNESCO Water Portal
This site provides links to current UNESCO programmes on freshwater and serves as an interactive portal for other water-related organizations, government bodies and non-government organizations.
UNH/GRDC Composite Runoff Fields
Data set which demonstrates the potential of combining observed river discharge information with a climate-driven Water Balance Model in order to develop composite runoff fields that are consistent with observed discharges.

World Water and Climate Network (WWCN)
WWCN will contribute to the following schemes: (1) Promotion of Research Studies on World Lakes and Rivers; (2) Proposals and Advices for the Protection of World Lakes and Rivers; (3) Development of Science and Technology for the Protection of World Lakes and Rivers; (4) Publication of Book, News Letter and Papers; (5) Organization of Symposium, Workshop and Meeting, and (6) Exchange Information with Other Related Organizations.

World-Wide Wetland, Hydrology and Coastal Links
This site provides an extensive list of internet locations regarding wetlands, hydrology and coastal zones.

Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy

UNH/GRDC Composite Runoff Fields

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