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GTOS SC meeting, Rome, Italy
Last updated 24 January 2006

GTOS SC meeting 25-27 January 2006
See also GTOS Panel meeting 24 January 2006

Global Terrestrial Observing System
Steering Committee Meeting 2006


The meeting will begin at 9pm, in the Mexico Room (D211) ,FAO HQ.

Meeting documents

Documents will be continually added to this page, so please refresh on a regular basis.

Last update was done on 24 January 2006.

Agenda Item Doc No. Title Date Posted/Upated
- 0 Information note on logistics v4, 366kb, Sessa 22-12-2005
- 1 List of documents v5, 41kb, Sessa 19-01-2006
2 2 Provisional agenda v5, 83kb, Sessa 23-01-2006
3 3 Provisional list of participants v5, 108kb, Sessa 23-01-2006
4 4 Action items from last GTOS Sponsors meeting v2, 75kb 19-01-2006
5 5 GTOS Biennial Report 2004-2005 v1, 168kb, draft text only, Sessa 23-01-2006
5 6 GTOS Biennial Report 2002-2003 final, information document, web link, Sessa 22-12-2005
5 7 Progress report from the GTOS Programme Director v4, 179kb, Sessa 24-12-2006
5 8 GTOS calendar and workplan for 2006, financial status and resource requirements (Castelli/Prosperi/Sessa) Hard copy will be provided at meeting
6 9 GOFC-GOLD strategy document v3, 441kb, Brady 19-01-2006
7 10 Status Report on the progress of IGOL and way forward v3, 166kb, Conant, Townshend, Latham 19-01-2006
8 11 Strategic plan and new members of the TCO panel v3, 73kb, Valentini and Bombelli 23-01-2006
9 12 Report of Chairman of TOPC v1, 130kb, Belward 17-01-2006
9 13 Reporting on the progress on the development of a terrestrial framework for the development of standards and guidance material for variables related to Climate v4, 195kb 23-01-2006
9 14 Report to SBSTA 23 on Progress with the Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change final, information document , 59kb, GCOS Secretariat 19-01-2006
10 15 GCOS overview and activities v1, 103kb, Goodrich 19-01-2006
11 16 Report on GTOS involvement in the GEO process v1, 98kb, Hopkins and Latham 20-01-2006
12 17 Results of the ICPC process, including statement made at GEO II v1, 88kb, Nyenzi and Hinsman 18-01-2006
14 18 TEMS progress report and development proposals
v3, 92kb Prosperi
15 19 World Data Centre summary document v2, 236kb Webster 17-01-2006
16 20 Coastal GTOS Terms of Reference and Coastal Module activities v3, 2320kb Christian 20-01-2006
16 21 Coastal GTOS strategic design and phase 1 implementation plan final, web link, Mazzilli 17-01-2006
16 22 An Implementation Strategy for the Coastal Module of the Global Ocean Observing System final, web link, Alverson 17-01-2006
17 23 The Integrated Strategic Design Plan for the Coastal Ocean Observations Module of GOOS final, web link, Alverson 17-01-2006
17 24a IGOS coastal terms of reference v2, 62kb Mazzilli 19-01-2006
17 24b Draft IGOS coastal theme report background document,1592kb, Alverson 23-01-2006
18 25 Progress report of the stock taking exercise of the GTOS programme – setting the stage for realignment with GEO and sponsors priorities v4, 88kb Lai 20-01-2006
19 26 GTOS biodiversity activity proposal v2, 164kb Scholes (with additional inputs from Putter) 24-01-2006
20 to 24 27 GTOS and the Conventions: Update and Future Developments v2, 291kb Spini 19-01-2006
25 28 GTOS/Ramsar Memorandum of Understanding (Moore/Spini) ----
Extra documents
- 00 Agenda for GTOS Panel meeting (Tuesday Afternoon) v1, 55kb , Sessa 23-01-2006
13 00 Breakout session proposed topics and participants v1, 59kb , Sessa 23-01-2006

Note that the name in brackets indicates the person responsible for submitting the document not necessarily the author.


Confirmed events are as follows:

GTOS SC Meeting Reception: Wednesday 25 January, 17h30, Indonesia Room, 8th floor, building B, FAO HQ.

Ramsar World Wetlands Day Reception: Thursday 26 January, 16h30, Aventino Room, 8th floor, building B, FAO HQ.


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Contact Points

Reuben Sessa, GTOS Secretariat
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
I-00100 Rome Italy
e-mail: GTOS@fao.org

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