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GTOS Steering Committee Meeting
Last updated 12 November 2009
UNESCO HQ, Paris, France, 30 Nov - 02 Dec 2009


1. Directions to IOC-UNESCO  v2, PDF, 216 kB, IOC/UNESCO Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
2. Hotels  v2, PDF, 28 kB, IOC/UNESCO Secretariat 27-Nov-2009

Meeting documents

Documents will be continually added to this page, so please refresh on a regular basis.

Doc No. Title Date Posted/Updated
- Agenda  PDF, 94 kB, GTOS Secretariat 09-Dec-2009
- List of participants  PDF, 54 kB, GTOS Secretariat 09-Dec-2009
- Latest ECVs reports  GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
1 New GTOS Strategy (draft)  PDF, 3 MB, GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
2 GTOS Biennial Report 2008-2009  PDF, 2.37 MB, GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
  • technical panels
  • 1 Coastal GTOS (C-GTOS) Report  PDF, 23 kB, Robert R. Christian 27-Nov-2009
    2 GOFC-GOLD: template document for the GTOS SC  DOC, 35 kB, Michael Brady 01-Dec-2009
    3 Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC) 2009 report  PDF, 158 kB, Han Dolman 27-Nov-2009
    4 Review of outcome of WCC-3, Working Session 6, Climate Observations  PDF, 34 kB, Adrian Simmons 27-Nov-2009
  • activities
  • 1 Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) Report  PDF, 28 kB, GTN-P Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
    2 Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G) Report  PDF, 136 kB, GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
    3 Global Terrestrial Network – Hydrology (GTN-H) Report  PDF, 2.8 MB, GCOS 27-Nov-2009
    4 B-GTOS Strategy document  PDF, 88 kB, GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
  • cooperation
  • 1 GTOS in support of UNCCD  PDF, 21 kB, GTOS Secretariat 27-Nov-2009
    2 The GTOS role in GEOBON  PDF, 29 kB, Bob Scholes 27-Nov-2009
    3 GEO Carbon Strategy (draft 1.0)  PDF, 5 MB, Philippe Ciais at all. 27-Nov-2009
    1 World Climate Conference – 3: Conference Declaration  PDF, 0.22 MB, Geneva, 31 August – 4 September 2009 09-Dec-2009
    2 World Climate Conference – 3: Global Framework for Climate Services notes  PDF, 0.90 MB, Geneva, 31 August – 4 September 2009 09-Dec-2009
    3 The European environment information and observation network (Eionet), Brochure  PDF, 1.8 MB, Charlotte Kjær Andersen 01-Dec-2009
    4 NASA and GTOS, Summary  PDF, 7 kB, Diane E. Wickland 30-Nov-2009
    5 GTOS Implementation Plan 1997  PDF, 388 kB, M.D. Gwynne 27-Nov-2009
    6 Perspectives in Estuarine and Coastal Science  PDF, 129 kB, Robert R. Christian et all. 27-Nov-2009
    7 Defining the coast and sentinel ecosystems for coastal observations of global change [erratum] PDF, 235 kB, Robert R. Christian, Stefano Mazzilli 27-Nov-2009
    8 A Coastal Theme for the IGOS Partnership, Report  PDF, 1.5 MB, IGOS Coastal 27-Nov-2009
    9 Towards a standardised methodology for inventorying and monitoring Mediterranean wetlands using Earth observation  PDF, 263 kB, Keramitsoglou I. et all. 27-Nov-2009
    1 GTOS Report + Budget  v4, PPT, 9.5 MB, John Latham, Programme Director 01-Dec-2009
    2 GTOS Forward Looking 2010 – 2015  v3, PPT, 2.4 MB, Riccardo Valentini, GTOS Chair 01-Dec-2009
    3 New GTOS Structure  v3, PPT, 0.18 MB, GTOS Secretariat 09-Dec-2009
  • technical panels
  • 1 Coastal GTOS: Priorities, Status and Potential Directions  PPT, 1 MB, Robert R. Christian 02-Dec-2009
    2 Global Observation of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics (GOFC-GOLD): Strategy, Functions and Products  PPT, 9 MB, Michael Brady 02-Dec-2009
    3 Translation to the New Terrestrial Carbon Observations (TCO) Panel  PPT, 3.2 MB, Beverly Law 02-Dec-2009
    4 Terrestrial Carbon Observations (TCO) Overview  PPT, 3.7 MB, TCO 02-Dec-2009
    5 Carbon Cycle Monitoring  PDF, 7.4 MB, Philippe Ciais 09-Dec-2009
    6 Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC) Report 2008-2009  PDF, 4.5 MB, Han Dolman 30-Nov-2009
  • activities
  • 1 Hydrology Network (GTN-H) Overview  PPT, 0.2 MB, WMO 02-Dec-2009
    2 Glacier Network (GTN-G) Overview  PPT, 7.1 MB, Wilfried Haeberli 27-Nov-2009
    3 Permafrost Network (GTN-P) Overview  PPT, 13.8 MB, Hugues Lantuit 27-Nov-2009
    4 GTOS Biodiversity Initiative (B-GTOS): GTOS role in biodiversity science and conservation  PPT, 0.4 MB, GTOS Secretariat 02-Dec-2009
  • cooperation
  • 1 Implication and Opportunities for GTOS from WCC-3 Outcomes  PPT, 35.6 MB, W. ZHANG, WMO Secretariat 09-Dec-2009
    2 European Space Agency (ESA) and GTOS: Involvement and Future Perspectives  PPT, 19.9 MB, Olivier Arino, ESA 09-Dec-2009
    3 GTOS and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO)  PPT, 0.45 MB, Antonio Bombelli, GTOS Secretariat 09-Dec-2009
    4 Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) and GTOS  PPT, 9 MB, GCOS 02-Dec-2009
    5 Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) and GTOS  PPT, 1.5 MB, Thorkild Aarup 02-Dec-2009
    6 ICSU and GTOS  PPT, 1.2 MB, Paul Cutler 01-Dec-2009
    7 NASA and GTOS  PPT, 5.1 MB, Diane E. Wickland 30-Nov-2009
    8 Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC) Overview  PPT, 10.5 MB, Howard J. Diamond 27-Nov-2009
    9 World Climate Research Programme. Plans and Priorities  PPT, 4.57 MB, Ghassem R. Asrar, WCRP Director 09-Dec-2009
    10 GTOS in Support of UNCCD for Systematic Observations  PPT, 0.3 MB, UNCCD 27-Nov-2009
    11 Recent developments in the UNFCCC process in relation to global observations  PPT, 0.31 MB, Rocio Lichte, UNFCCC Secretariat 09-Dec-2009

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