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Dynamic tools workshop, Zimbabwe, September 25-27
Last updated 03 October 2001


The Integrated Support to Sustainable Development and Food Security Programme (IP), in collaboration with the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS), organized a workshop in Zambia (Lusaka) from 3 to 10 May 2001. It was divided in two parts: a workshop on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and a training on Dynamic Publishing Tools (DPT): Dynamic Maps and Dynamic Knowledgebase.

Following its implementation plan in Southern Africa; IP/GTOS is organising another training workshop dedicated to DPT in Southern Africa. The workshop will take place in Zimbabwe (Harare) from 25 to 27 September 2001.

GTOS has invited participants from Bostwana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe to participate at the workshop.


25-27 September 2001


The meeting will be held in Kadoma a town 140km (1.5 hours).

Hotel Arrangements

The cost per participant, per night, is 4100 ZWD.
This rate is inclusive of the following:, bed, breakfast, lunch, morning tea, afternoon teas and conference room hire. Please note that this rate does not include dinner.

Contact information:
P.O. Box 874, Kadoma,
Tel.: 263-68 22106, 263-68 22199, 263-68 22210, and 263-68 22321/4
Fax: 263-68 22325 or 263-68 22198.


We are organizing transport from the airport to Kadoma and back on the days of arrival and departure. Participants will be ferried directly to Kadoma from the airport.


The weather is usually fine, cool to mild in the morning becoming warm to hot later. The minimum temperatures are ranging from 10 to 14 while the maximums are ranging from 28 to 35 degree Celsius.


Day 1

Introductory Presentations
..Introduction to GTOS and TEMS
..Gender Issues

Brief Presentation of Software and Capability
..Technology Focus and Use
..Technology Architecture
..Using Dynamic Knowledgeware in Your Organization
..Where Dynamic Knowledgeware fits with existing technologies
..Role / importance of information publishing and access in the organization

Setting up the Systems
..Installing the Warehouse Manager.mdb
..Installing Dynamic Knowledgebase and Dynamic Maps
..Copying / Importing a Data Warehouse

Using Dynamic Maps
· Overview of Functionality
· Running Dynamic Maps for the First Time
· Working with the Map View
......Managing Views
......Choosing and Manipulating Map Layers
......Finding Features
......Selecting Features
......Map Layer Rendering
......Drawing and Annotating
......Other Map Functions

· Working with Related Data
......Spreadsheet Functionality Review
......Importing a Data Set
......Using Class Rendering to Illustrate Trends in Data
......Building a Query to Focus Data for Use
......Strategies for Using Excel

· Publishing Information
......Using the Map Composer
......Using PowerPoint
......Publishing Documents and Other Related Information

Day 2

Using Dynamic Knowledgebase

· Running Dynamic Knowledgebase for the First Time
· System Architecture and Warehouse Components
......Directory Structure
......Map Layers, Tabular Data, Metadata

· Managing Warehouses

......Importing, Opening, Modifying, Adding

· Running Dynamic Maps for the First Time

· Managing Map Layers in a Warehouse

......Layer Order Tips
......Types of Vector Map Layers (Polygon, Line, Point, Label)
......Image Layers
......Selectable Map Layers
......Visible Map Layers
......Setting Scale
......Defining Rendering Properties
......Describe Metadata
......Registering a System Data Set
......Types of Data
......Conversion and Data Preparation Issues
......Describe Metadata
......Link field standards

· Other Dynamic Knowledgebase Functionality
......Web Topics
......Spatial Libraries

Dynamic Knowledgebase Advanced Considerations (Time Permitting)
· Capturing and Recording Data Standards - The Feature ID
· Creating A Thematic Map Using an Associated Tabular Data Set
· Using ArcView With The System
· Linking To Other Data Sources With M/S Access
· Backups and Database Management

Getting Started in Your Home Office
· Review of steps needed to install and run the system when return to home office.

Day 3

Review of Software
· Class review of components and functionality by request

SDI Workbook - Key Concepts and Discussions
..Discussion to focus on information publishing and access - key issues noted in the June 2000 consultant report.
......Barriers to access and their remedy - data sharing, standards, partnership, metadata, etc.
......How Dynamic Knowledgeware can support.
......Use of Internet - next steps and projects.

Contact Points

Mr Géraud Servin, GTOS
Dr Reuben Sessa, GTOS
Ms Nayantara Colicchia, IP

For further details on Dynamic Publishing Tools contact Dr John Latham, SDRN

GTOS Secretariat
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
I-00100 Rome Italy
e-mail: GTOS@fao.org

Mr Hugh Williams
Business Development
Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc.


Document 1 - Southern Africa Workshop Workbook  (2102 KB)

Document 2 - Dynamic Maps v2.3 Manual  (1367 KB)

Document 3 - Dynamic Knowledgebase v2.3 Manual  (1558 KB)

Document 4 - List of Participants  (15 KB)

Document 5 - GTOS in Southern Africa  (2067 KB)

Exchange rates

Current exchange rates are approximately 1USD = 55ZWD. The most up to date exchange rate can be obtained from the following site: http://www.xe.com/ucc/.

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