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TCO CEE carbon data warehouse, Prague 2002
Last updated 11 November 2002

16-21 November 2002

The workshop is being financed by the Government of the Czech Republic and the logistics are being dealt with by COMENIUS, Pan-European Society for Culture, Education and Scientific & Technical Cooperation.

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A Terrestrial Carbon Observation (TCO) data warehouse building workshop will be held in Prague, Czech Republic,16-21 November 2002. Carbon scientists, data holders and programmers from the CEE region will be invited to the workshop and will participate in finding, formatting and preparing data and information which will then be made available to the general and scientific communities. Data gathering and formatting will occur before the workshop and data will be combined with the relevant data sets already available including those from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).

The data from the workshop will be built into a warehouse, using FAO's data management software (Dynamic Atlas), which can then be used by participants and other scientists. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive training in the use of the Dynamic Atlas to allow them to implement and use the software in their home institutions.


16-21 November 2002 (new date)


Prague, Czech Republic.

Application form

Applications are now closed.


Presentations, data, metadata, and any other material that is in electronic form should be supplied on a CD-ROM so that data can be easily transferred to other computers.

Submission of data and metadata

Each participant is requested to write a description of less than 300 words on their institutes' interests which are relevant to carbon cycle monitoring and research. This description should include the role and position of the institute at the country and regional level and should describe its data collection activities and data holdings.

Data should be placed, with accompanying metadata forms, on the GTOS ftp server in the folder "Prague_data". Please place all your data and metadata in a folder with your surname and name (e.g. SESSA_Reuben). Please contact the GTOS Secretariat for details on the ftp address.

If possible the data should be arranged in the ISLSCP format (this can also be done during the workshop).

Data and metadata forms should be sent to the GTOS Secretariat by 5 November 2002. If you have not done so you should send this information immediately.

Metadata form (26 KB)
Data preparation guide (52 KB)

Data should be prepared using the standards of the International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP)

ISLSCP template (30k)
Completed example (67k)


During the working sessions there will often be a need to check information (e.g. units, methods, resolutions, etc.). It is therefore important that participants bring to the workshop manuals and documents (including publications relevant to their data sets). We ask that each participants brings over 5 manuscripts which can then be used as the reference library during the workshop. Please label with your name any document that you want returned.

TEMS registration

A specialized module is being developed in TEMS for scientists working on carbon issues. The core part of this module is the list of sites which are carrying out relevant work. It would be of great assistance to the GTOS Secretariat if participants register their (and others) research sites in TEMS. Registration can be carried out at www.fao.org/tems.


Participants with the possibility of brining laptops to the workshop are encouraged to do so as this equipment will be needed during the working sessions. It is also advisable that participants bring blank disks and/or CDs for file transfer. Please remember that data will need to be downloaded and retrieved from your computers.

Power supply

The Czech Republic has a 220v and plugs with 2 round pins.

Meeting rooms

All the main sessions of the workshop will be held in Classroom No. 181. Dynamic Atlas training will be held in Computer room No. 184.


Draft agenda (159 KB)
Provisional list of participants (140 KB)

GTOS CEE Implementation Plan   (541 K)

TCO reports
TCO Frascati report
TCO Rio de Janeiro report
TCO Ottawa report

Dynamic Atlas manuals

CEE Dynamic Atlas workbook (3063 KB)
Dynamic Maps v3.0 manual  (1828 KB)
Dynamic Knowledgebase v3.0 manual  (1695 KB)
Dynamic Web Maps v3.0 manual  (1060 KB)
Dynamic Publisher v3.0 manual  (1708 KB)

Download Dynamic Atlas software


COMENIUS will provide a welcome service at the airport which will take participants from/to the airport/hotel on the 16 and 21 November.

Hotel Arrangements

The workshop will be held at the Hotel Krystal, Jose Martiho Street / 407, 160 41 Praha 6. Phone: +420 2 2056 3411, Fax: +420 2 2056 1627. The hotel is situated between the city center and the airport.

Badges and Restaurant

Participants will be provided with badges should be worn at all times. Badges are also required to enter the restaurant at the Hotel Krystal.


On Sunday, 17 November 2002, there will be a welcome party at the Villa Bertramka, Mozart´s Prague Museum, which will begin with a concert. Participants should be in the main hall of the Krystal Hotel by 4pm. Mr Novak (COMENIUS) will be waiting at the Hotel Reception Desk.


During November the weather in Prague is usually cold with an average temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius. Up to date information

Exchange rates

Current exchange rates are approximately 1 Euro = 1 USD = 30 CZK (Czech Republic Koruny). The most up-to-date exchange rate can be obtained from the following site: http://www.xe.com/ucc/. It is possible to exchange money at exchange offices which are located at the airport, train stations and the city center. Money can also be withdrawn from cash machines using a credit card (usually the best exchange rate).

Contact Points

GTOS Secretariat
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
I-00100 Rome Italy
e-mail: GTOS@fao.org

Dr Reuben Sessa, GTOS
Mr Géraud Servin, GTOS

UN House, nám.Kinských 17, 150 37 Praha 5
Phone: +420 2 57890 111, -240, -241
Fax: +420 2 53 30 32
e-mail: comenius@comenius.cz

Mobile numbers:
0603 465 348 - Ing Julius JESZTREBI
0603 465 314 - Mr Stanislav NOVAK

The COMENIUS Secretariat can also be reached at the Hotel Krystal, room No. 173.

Messages for participants can be sent to Comenius.mail@tiscali.cz

Useful Links

ICP Forest monitoring network

CARBOEUROPE research initiative
Concise overview of the spatial data infrastructure in Europe
CD with public flux/meteo data from the carbodata project
The International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP)



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