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New FRA module in TEMS

11 February 2003

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The FAO Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) module is now available

During FRA 1990, FAO carried out a pan-tropical survey of forest cover changes based on sample and remote sensing data. The main objectives of the survey were to complement country information data and to provide consistent and reliable detailed information on change processes for the period 1980-1990 at pan-tropical, regional and ecological zone levels. 117 sampling units covering 10% of the pan-tropical area were selected. For each of them satellite imagery was acquired at two points in time close to 1980 and 1990, and photo-interpreted with particular attention to the recognition of changes between nine land cover classes.

The objectives of the FRA 2000 remote sensing survey were to: monitor tropical forest cover state and change for the past 20 years; evaluate current trends at regional and higher levels; study the dynamics of change in forest cover and identify the causes of deforestation; complement existing country information by providing spatially and temporally consistent data on forest state and change.

FRA data for 1980, 1990 and 2000 (including matrices, graphs and raster maps) are now available on TEMS at the pan tropical, regional, sub-regional and sampling unit levels. The land cover classification and a forest cover change variable sheet provide more detailed information related to the methodology and process used to undertake the survey. Links to the FRA homepage and the FRA 2000 full report are available in the links section. Click here http://www.fao.org/gtos/tems/mod_fra.jsp to visit the TEMS FAO FRA module.

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