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GTOS Coastal Developments

19 July 2005

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Release of the GTOS coastal (C-GTOS) design plan

The GTOS secretariat and GTOS coastal panel of experts is pleased to announce the release of the Coastal GTOS Strategic design and phase 1 implementation plan. The plan describes the proposed activities of GTOS contributing global and regional initiatives for observation of environmental change in coastal areas.

A number of phase 1 implementation products are described within the plan. These are designed to provide tests of concept and develop critical capabilities for the observing system in a relatively short time frame. To view the plan and find out more about ongoing coastal products of GTOS click here.

Improved coastal module of TEMS

The development of a TEMS Coastal Module is one of the C-GTOS phase 1 products. The module includes resources on the key issues and organizations involved in managing and monitoring coastal areas. Coverage of, and access to, sites in TEMS dealing with coastal issues is currently being improved through the registration of new sites and the addition of coastal specific variables. Sites and networks can be registered and updated through the TEMS web site.

The main coastal page describes the importance of coastal ecosystems and provides information on international agreements ratified to ensure their good management. Other sections of the coastal module include: home page, coastal variables, links, literature, glossary on coastal related terms.

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