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IGOL Agriculture Observations meeting report

4 July 2006

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Integrated Global Observations for Land (IGOL) is a theme of the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS). IGOS seeks to provide a comprehensive framework to harmonize the common interests of the major space-based and in-situ systems for global observation of the Earth. It is being developed as an over-arching strategy for conducting observations relating to climate and atmosphere, oceans and coasts, the land surface and the Earth's interior.

GTOS is co-Chairing the development of the IGOL theme report and with the IGOL theme team has implemented a number activities and meetings to engage the international scientific community to develop the individual chapters.

From the 8-10 March 2006 a Global Agricultural Monitoring meeting was held at FAO headquarters, Rome, Italy to assess the current status of observations for global agricultural monitoring, to evaluate the current and emerging methods and techniques and identify the current and future observation needs and the necessary steps to secure them. Participants included representatives from groups currently involved in global and regional agricultural monitoring and stakeholders concerned with using the data.

The report to the meeting is now available at the IGOL meetings page.


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