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Open Science conference on “Africa and Carbon Cycle: the CarboAfrica project”, Accra (Ghana), 24-26 September 2008

28 May 2008

Dear Colleagues,

The CarboAfrica project is organizing an Open Science conference on “Africa and Carbon Cycle: the CarboAfrica project”, in Accra (Ghana) on 24-26 September 2008.

This event aims to:
- present activities and results of the first 2 years of CarboAfrica implementation.
- present the state of the art of African researches in the field of carbon and other GHGs in Africa.

- increase synergies and integration among CarboAfrica and other African initiatives.

The conferences sessions will be on: 1) Terrestrial Carbon Observations in Africa; 2) Biogeochemical modelling; 3) Ecosystem fluxes; 4) Soil, carbon and GHG emissions; 5) Impact of vegetation fires on GHG budget; 6) Carbon sequestration and reduced emissions (CDM & REDD); 7) Capacity development and demonstration projects in Africa.

The main objective of CarboAfrica is to develop and coordinate a GHG fluxes monitoring network in Sub-Saharan Africa, in order to quantify, understand and predict, by a multi-disciplinary integrated approach, greenhouse gas emissions in Sub-Saharan Africa and its associated spatial and temporal variability.

GTOS participates in this project as a full partner, leading the work package 5 on communication and capacity development in Africa, and contributing also to the other goals, in particular to the carbon sequestration and avoided deforestation assessment.

GTOS would be pleased to receive suggestions for speakers on the related topics outlined in the session proposals. For additional information on the conference and the carboafrica project please see www.carboafrica.net (will be updated soon) or contact antonio.bombelli@fao.org.

Best regards,

GTOS Secretariat

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