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Terrestrial Carbon Observations
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TCO developments

Overview of current developments (January 2007)

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New Carboafrica initiative (January 2007)

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New TCO Panel and Strategy (January 2006)

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TCO Panel Meeting (December 2004)

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TCO Implementation Plan (June 2003)

The current Implementation Plan for the Terrestrial and Atmospheric Carbon Observation Initiative (TCO) is currently undergoing revision and updating by the new TCO panel led by the Chairman of TCO Prof Shaun Quegan. The revised version should be available by the end of 2003. See current document

TCO/GCP Sheffield worshop (June 2003)

International workshop on improved quantification of global carbon cycle fluxes organized by the Terrestrial Carbon Observation (TCO) initiative and the Global Carbon Project (GCP). The workshop is intended to increase the availability of more accurate and mutually consistent estimates of the distribution of carbon sources and sinks at a regional and global level. Report

TCO CEE Prague workshop (November 2002)

A TCO data warehouse building workshop was held in Prague, Czech Republic,16-21 November 2002. Carbon scientists, data holders and programmers from the CEE region were brought together to participate in analysing the carbon relevant data available in the CEE region. Data and metadata were gathered and placed in a data warehouse and in a metadata report. Details....


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