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IASC Guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions in emergency settings
A development strategy to empower rural farmers and prevent HIV
Centre for AIDS Development Research and Evaluation (CADRE), see publications
Nontimber Forest Benefits and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
HIV/AIDS: A Guide For Nutrition, Care and Support July 2001 (pdf)
Future Harvest: will agriculture fall victim to AIDS?
HIV/AIDS, food security and rural development
HIV and development -- Southeast Asia
HIV/AIDS and nutrition: a review of the literature and recommendations for nutritional care and support in sub-Saharan Africa (pdf)
IAEN: considering HIV/AIDS in development assistance: a toolkit
IFAD Strategy paper on HIV/AIDS for East and Southern Africa October 2003 (pdf)
IFPRI: health and nutrition: emerging and reemerging issues in developing countries (pdf)
IFPRI: HIV/AIDS and food security (pdf)
IFPRI: HIV/AIDS and labor markets in Tanzania (pdf)
IFPRI: HIV/AIDS, food and nutrition security: a review of impacts and actions (ppt)
IFPRI: HIV/AIDS, human capital and economic prospects for Mozambique (pdf)
IFPRI: nutrition and gender (pdf)
IFPRI: rural finance and poverty alleviation (pdf)
IFPRI: the potential impact of AIDS on population and economic growth rates
IFPRI: women - key to food security (pdf)
IPGRI: home gardens and in situ conservation of plant genetic resources
International HIV/AIDS Alliance: HIV/AIDS NGO support toolkit
Nutrition and weight maintenance
Oxfam/SCF UK: HIV/AIDS and food insecurity in Southern Africa (pdf)
PAHO advocacy kit on gender and HIV/AIDS
Report of the Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa (pdf)
SCF UK: monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS programmes for young people (pdf)
Support for Analysis and Research in Africa publications (SARA)
UN Nutrition Policy Paper: nutrition and HIV/AIDS (pdf)
UNAIDS: HIV/AIDS, food security and rural development
UNAIDS 2002: The report on the global HIV/AIDS epidemic
UNAIDS: comfort and hope: six studies on mobilizing family and community care for and by people with HIV/AIDS (pdf)
UNAIDS publications
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme - publications
World Bank: the multi-country HIV/AIDS program for Africa

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