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FAO Publications on HIV and AIDS

This section contains publications that have been produced by the different technical divisions of FAO under the umbrella of the HIV and AIDS Programme. They are grouped thematically according to technical relevance and can be reached by clicking on the links in the left hand side navigation bar.


Recent publications

arrow.gif (1K)  Updated Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools Programme Leaflet (FAO and WFP)


arrow.gif (1K)  The impact of HIV/AIDS and drought on local knowledge systems for agrobiodiversity and food security


arrow.gif (1K)  Rural women, dynamisation of networks and the fight against HIV/AIDS in rural areas


arrow.gif (1K)  Agricultural Workers and their Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development


arrow.gif (1K)  Toward multi-sectoral responses to HIV/AIDS: Implications for Education for Rural People (ERP)


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