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Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in development

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in development is not an easy task. It requires that the epidemic be addressed at macro and micro levels, from the region to the district, and that all the issues are understood, so that HIV/AIDS becomes a common concern that affects everyone.

Experience across all sectors and from all partners must be exchanged and built upon in order to develop an effective agricultural response. Efforts must be made to incorporate systematically AIDS considerations in agriculture interventions, while at the same time incorporating agriculture considerations in AIDS programmes. Those working to mainstream HIV/AIDS in development can also learn a lot from the work carried out over last 15 years to mainstream gender.

Of course, the extent to which HIV/AIDS can be mainstreamed greatly depends on the political commitment from key agriculture-sector stakeholders and the allocation of funds and resources. Multilateral organizations can play significant role in advocating for the mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS throughout all sectors, increasing political commitment and influencing national policies.

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