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FAO issues alert over lethal virus affecting popular tilapia fish

Though not a human health risk, Tilapia Lake Virus has large potential impact on global food security and nutrition
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Harnessing rather than suppressing informal trade can give Africa a boost

FAO study offers policy guidance for linking half of all cross-border trade to development goals
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Heads of UN food agencies visit famine-stricken South Sudan

FAO's Graziano da Silva and WFP's Beasley call for urgent peace
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Supporting farmers in Peru recover from El Niño floods and landslides

Restoring agriculture production and infrastructure for the more than 7,000 farmers affected
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With famines looming, we need to step up now

Chair of Committee on World Food Security urges all stakeholders to support immediate and longer-term relief

In Action

The FAO CASH+ programme boosts the livelihoods of women and vulnerable households
FAO supports farmers in Pakistan to rebuild their agricultural livelihoods

Zero Hunger

“Water is a precious resource, crucial to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals” -- Ban Ki-moon

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