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Farmers in Malawi need urgent help after heavy flooding

Prompt access to seeds and livestock will help reboot local food production
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FAO presents plan for eradicating hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fight against hunger and poverty on the table at the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States summit
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FAO Director-General calls for global action on food insecurity in conflict areas

Food insecurity and political instability are interrelated – Graziano da Silva
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Funds are running out in battle against Madagascar’s locusts

Extra $10.6 million urgently needed to avoid resurgence of locust plague
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Genetic diversity a hidden tool in coping with climate change

Raw material of food systems are key to helping agriculture adapt to volatile weather and rising temperatures
Faced with a rising population and changing climate, farmers learn new approaches to agribusiness
A joint effort by FAO, IFAD, and WFP is ensuring availability of high quality food and improving nutrition
Aboard the EAF-Nansen
A month-long research voyage along the African coast and deep seas
It’s about time we talk about soil!
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Knowledge exchanges between nations of the global south can offer new solutions for development challenges - FAO Director-General

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