Photo: ©Sean Loyless/Flickr Creative Commons
PepsiCo and Coca-Cola now both on board with international recommendations to respect local people’s rights to land and livelihoods
Photo: ©FAO/Fazil Dusunceli
Following its spread to Africa and the Middle East, Fusarium wilt TR4 increases the risks to livelihoods and banana markets
Photo: ©FAO/Daniel Hayduk
Detailed assessments of both emissions data and mitigation options needed to design adequate responses
Photo: ©FAO/Riccardo Venturi
Local communities can benefit from PES schemes provided their role is recognised in public policies
Since 2011, FAO has been supporting the Government of Indonesia to rapidly control the deadly rabies virus on island of Bali through an innovative strategy centered on comprehensive mass dog vaccination.
FAO’s emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan ensured that affected rice farmers could plant in time for the December/January planting season, avoiding a potentially devastating food crisis
Asia-Pacific countries take Zero Hunger Challenge by the horns
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7 things you should know about FAO and the Post-2015 development agenda
Its title may appear mysterious, but the post-2015 development agenda is real, relevant and taking shape by the day.
Voluntary guidelines applied for the first time – major success in EU-FAO partnership
Fans of family farming abound at FAO Regional Conference for Europe
If the recent FAO Regional Conference for Europe is any indication, revival of the family farming production model is definitely an idea whose time has come.
Huge potential to improve nutrition and livelihoods
Focus on root causes and prevention needed
Food waste harms climate, water, land and biodiversity
Major cuts of GHG from livestock within reach