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UN food agencies warn against ignoring famine alarm

FAO and WFP urge swift action to prevent hunger deaths in four countries hit by conflict
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Countries share lessons on how to tackle the challenges climate change poses to agriculture

Insight into successful “climate smart” agriculture experiences
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FAO and IOM to co-chair UN Global Migration Group in 2018

Agriculture and sustainable development key to addressing migration challenges
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Yemen: FAO Director-General calls for urgent action to avoid famine

Agricultural assistance is critical, Graziano da Silva tells UN pledging conference in Geneva
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Famine in the spotlight at FAO Council

Graziano da Silva: 20 million people could starve to death in next six months

In Action

FAO supports farmers in Pakistan to rebuild their agricultural livelihoods
FAO helps Samoan farming families maintain precious ecosystems

Zero Hunger

“Water is a precious resource, crucial to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals” -- Ban Ki-moon

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