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Global programme seeks to contain serious threat to the world’s bananas

FAO and partners launch campaign against new Fusarium Wilt strain that jeopardizes livelihoods reliant on the world’s most traded fruit
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Pope Francis urges action on climate change and conflict to address migration

World Food Day official ceremony highlights links between migration and hunger
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FAO to G7: agriculture and rural development crucial in responses to conflicts, hunger and migration

Director-General hails G7 Agriculture Ministers focus on food systems, role of women, youth in food security
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G7 can help smallholders, family farmers access data vital for building resilience

FAO Director-General: Information key to empowering farmers, creating markets, improving food quality and supply
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Committee on World Food Security stresses role of sustainable forestry

Recommendations to achieve food security and nutrition for all endorsed, new CFS chair elected

In Action

FAO supports farmers in Pakistan to rebuild their agricultural livelihoods
FAO helps rehabilitate agricultural livelihoods in disaster-hit communities

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