Hortivar is FAO´s database on the performances of horticultural cultivars over the world. Hortivar is also a platform for exchange of know-how among scientists and a tool to safeguard, retrieve and exchange information related to horticulture.

Information can be retrieved regarding six groups of crops: fruits, vegetables, root and tuber crops, herbs and condiments, ornamentals and mushrooms.

The database has two primary functions which are interdependent: data retrieval and data entry. Access and use of the database is free of charge.

Hortivar serves as a standard methodology for data collection and record keeping on the performances of horticulture cultivars. It is a a powerful search engine for easy retrieval and comparison of information. It is also a template for educational purposes and a gateway to horticulture knowledge/statistics.

Hortivar addresses the needs of producers, public and private sector, seed companies and horticultural research centres for information management related to horticultural crop cultivars in different agro-climatic environments and allows users to identify cultivars and cropping practices adapted to their specific requirements and environment.

While FAO maintains and develops this programme and software, it relies on its members to feed it with information either as individual or as institutional partners. Hortivar is not a static programme but it is continuously being adjusted to meet the requirements of its users.

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