TitleSoil and Terrain Database for northeastern Africa (The). Crop Production System Zones of the IGAD subregion (CD ROM)
Job NumberW7374/E
Number in series2
Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
Number of pages0
Price US$$44.00
This CD-ROM contains a collection of land and natural resource information for northeastern Africa, in particular for the IGAD countries bordering the Nile basin. It includes data on administrative boundaries, rivers and lakes, soil and terrain, climatology, land use, physiography, geology and natural vegetation in easily accessible format. [System requirements: Window PC, ArcView 3.1 or higher, or other platforms that support ARC/INFO such as UNIX workstations SEA programme: IBM compatible computer 80386 or later, running Windows 3.1 or later version; 6 MB of RAM (8 MB or more RAM recommended); 3.5 MB of hard disk space for the software itself, for the attribute data and maps between 1 and 11 MB of hard disk space, according to the countries installed]

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