TitleIrrigation Guidelines on CD-ROM
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Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
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There are a number of irrigation guidelines available worldwide from various national and international institutions and organizations. Such guidelines cover different irrigation topics in varying degrees of quantity and quality. The individual user may have difficulty in both identifying which guidelines to consult for specific tasks and in accessing them. The objective of this CD-ROM is to present a collection of irrigation guidelines for small- to medium-scale irrigation schemes (up to 1 000 ha). The aim is not solely to present existing irrigation guidelines on a CD-ROM but to use the interactive potential of this medium to assist the user in extracting information and data from the guidelines for specific purposes. A menu-driven media tool for easy orientation on the subject and for a wide range of applications has been developed for a variety of potential users. The Land and Water Development Division (AGL) of FAO has taken the lead in assembling the different guidelines and compiling the CD-ROM. The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), the Department of International Development, United Kingdom (DIFID), HR-Wallingford, and the FAO Investment Centre (TCI) and Women and Population Division (SDW) have kindly agreed to the reproduction of their publications. [System requirements: i486 or Pentium processor based PC; S-Windows 95/98/NT; 10 MB hard disk space]
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