TitleParticipatory Training and Extension in Farmers' Water Management (CD-ROM)
Job NumberY1835/E
Number in series14
Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
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This CD-ROM provides guidelines, procedures and relevant material for the development of a participatory training and extension programme for technical staff, extension workers and other stakeholders, to assist farmers to take charge of water management at field and scheme level and adopt in a sustainable manner appropriate water technologies. The programme is in particular relevant to irrigation management transfers programme to assist water users' associations in the operation and maintenance of the farmers' irrigation systems and to smallholder irrigation programmes to give guidance to farmers in adopting efficient water control technologies. The interactive menus and cross-references in the document allow the rapid consultation of training guidelines, farmers' training manuals and a large number of relevant training material, audiovisual material and web links. [System requirements: 486 or preferably Pentium processor based PC; MS-Windows 95/98/NT; 8 MB of RAM on WIN95 and WIN98 (16 MB recommended) 16 of RAM in WIN NT (24 MB recommended; 10 MB of hard disk space]
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