TitleTranshumant grazing systems in temperate Asia
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Series titleFAO Plant Production and Protection Series
Number of pages352
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This book brings together studies by national scientists on traditional transhumant grazing systems, emphasizing grazing management and overall land use. Focus is on two zones in temperate Asia: the Himalaya-Hindu Kush and the colder areas of China, Mongolia and parts of Central Asia. Under prevailing conditions, mobile herding is the only sustainable way the population can make best use of the natural resources, but systems were dislocated by collectivization. In the Himalaya there is conflict between herders and sedentary groups. While poor pasture condition is a major constraint, the main problems are socio-economic and institutional and relate to land tenure and grazing rights. Fodder crops are, however, of great interest for settled groups who use the same pastures. Focus on technical solutions, herder training and participatory approaches should be within the context of political decisions.
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