TitleECOCROP 1 & 2. The crop environmental requirements database & the crop environmental response database. Rev. 2 (CD-ROM)
Job NumberY5556/E
Number in series4
Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
Number of pages0
Price US$$44.00
Ecocrop 1 is a tool for identifying plant species appropriate for given environments, habits and uses. The database contains basic crop environmental information and permits the identification of more than 2100 plant species of economic importance whose most important climate and soil requirements match the data on soil and climate entered by the user. Ecocrop 2 is a tool for recording, organizing, comparing and using studies on crop response to environmental and management factors. The database holds crop response information of varieties of 20 crops of world wide economic importance. [System requirements: Ecocrop 1: any Web browser. Ecocrop 2: Windows 3.11 or later; 11 MB hard disk space]
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