TitleThreadfins of the world (family Polynemidae). An annotated and illustrated catalogue of polynemid species known to date
Job NumberY5398/E
Number in series3
Series titleFAO Species Catalogue for Fisheries Purposes
Number of pages138
Price US$$50.00
This is the third number in the new FAO series of worldwide annotated and illustrated catalogues of major groups of organisms that enter marine fisheries. The present volume on the family Polynemidae includes 41 species belonging to 8 genera. There is an introductory section with general remarks on habitat and fisheries of the family, a glossary of technical terms, an illustrated key to each genus and all species, and a detailed account for all species. Species accounts include an illustration of each species, scientific and vernacular names, and information on habitat, biology, fisheries, size, relevant literature and distribution. Following the species accounts are a list of nominal species in the family, a table of species by major marine fishing areas and colour plates. A list of all nominal species and their present allocations is given. The work is fully indexed and there is a comprehensive list of references to pertinent literature.
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