TitleMethods and materials in soil conservation (CD-ROM)
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Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
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This CD-ROM is aimed principally at the developing world and the manual it contains describes methods, techniques and the selection of materials for use in areas where access, resources and skills may be limited. The CD-ROM summarizes the factors that control soil erosion. For developers the ideal project cycle from feasibility, through investigation, design, construction and planned maintenance is discussed. The role of land classification in this approach is illustrated. Finally, the methods available to mitigate soil erosion are discussed, the design principles are summarized and the selection and specification of materials are described. [System requirements: Pentium PC with Windows 9x/ME/2000 or NT, at least 64Mb RAM and 15" or larger colour monitor with a resolution of 1 024 x 768 pixels and a colour palette of 65 536 colours]

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