TitleAgro-MAPS. A global spatial database of subnational agricultural land-use statistics (CD-ROM)
Job NumberA0568/E
Number in series32
Series titleFAO Land and Water Digital Media Series - CD-ROM
Number of pages0
Price US$$44.00
(Updated: June 2006) This CD-ROM contains recent statistics on crop production, area harvested and crop yields, aggregated by subnational administrative districts, for more than 130 countries, in seven geographic regions (Africa, Asia, Near East in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and Oceania). The statistics are linked to unique identifier codes of the administrative districts in each country. This allows users to view readily, and subsequently analyses, the statistics for a single country or for an entire region as maps. [System requirements: Pentium PC with Windows® 95/98/NT/XP; a browser installed (Netscape® 4.7 or Internet Explorer® 5.0 or later) with JavaScript TM, cookies and Cascading Style Sheets enabled]
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