TitleFAO Species Identifications Sheets for Fishery Purposes. Western Indian Ocean. Fishing Area 51. Volumes I-VI (CD-ROM)
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This CD-ROM contains the electronic version of the FAO Species Identification Sheets for Fishery Purposes for the Western Indian Ocean (Fishing Area 51) published in 6 volumes in 1984. The Identification Sheets are aimed at establishing an annotated illustrated inventory of aquatic species of interest to fisheries; they cover the species of the major marine resource groups exploited in the Western Indian Ocean. The marine resource groups included are the bony fishes, chimaeras, sharks, batoid fishes, lobsters, shrimos and sea turtles. The sheets provide fishery workers with a tool for the correct identification of the species occurring in their area. Navigation between and within volumes is facilitated through the use of bookmarks. [Adobe®Reader® required]
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