Action Against Desertification

Burkina Faso

One-third of Burkina Faso’s national territory - over 9 million hectares of productive land - is degraded. This area is estimated to expand at an average of 360 000 hectares per year.

Action Against Desertification supports land restoration in the provinces of Soum and Séno in Burkina’s Sahel region. In order to bring restoration to scale, the specialized Delfino plough is used for land preparation. 

Since their start in 2016 activities have covered:

Land restoration: 6 000 hectares of degraded land have been restored, of which 4 200 using the Delfino plough. Over 4 400 hectares have been planted, using 536 000 inoculated seedlings and 13 tons of seeds of 42 types of woody and herbaceous species.

Non-timber forest products: seven organizations comprising 500 people are receiving support for the development of non-timber forest products, such as honey, Balanites oil, fodder, seed for restoration and edible fruits. 

Capacity development: around 9 900 people from 45 rural communities, 20% of whom women, have been trained in sustainable land management techniques, monitoring and evaluation and marketing of non-timber forest products. 

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  • Intervention area: 412 villages in the provinces of Séno and Soum
  • Population: 550 000 inhabitants (provinces of Séno and Soum)
  • Surface: 1.9 million hectares
  • Restoration potential: 1.1 million hectares (59% of the total surface of the two provinces)