Action Against Desertification

The Gambia

Desertification has resulted in a loss of nearly 100 000 hectares of forested areas between 1998 and 2009 in Gambia. Almost half of the country’s land area needs restoration. At the same time, over 40%, some 423 000 hectares, is still covered by forest. 

Since its launch in 2016, Action Against Desertification has been supporting 51 rural communities to manage forest resources and control land degradation and deforestation, promoting:

Community forestry management: putting control over 1 250 hectares of forest in the hands of ten communities and consolidating community forests of at least 17 communities.

Joint management of forest parks: state authorities and communities manage three parks together.

Improvement of rural livelihoods: development of 30 community-based businesses focused on non-timber forest products, including beekeeping and honey production, edible forest fruits and nuts, and handicrafts.

Capacity development: 375 government workers, community members and school students trained in participatory forest management, seed collection and handling, as well as school tree planting and nursery development.

Awareness raising: promoting environmental protection in collaboration with nine youth clubs.



Action Against Desertification in Gambia [read more]

  • Intervention area: 27 villages in the North Bank Region, Upper River Region and Lower River Region
  • Population : 390 000 inhabitants
  • Surface: 361 500 hectares
  • Restoration potential : 549 000 hectares (48% of total land area of Gambia)