Action Against Desertification


Niger has struggled with desertification, land degradation, drought and loss of biodiversity for many years. Large-scale restoration is needed to improve food security and livelihoods in rural areas and help people adapt to climate change.

Action Against Desertification supports the implementation of the Great Green Wall initiative in Niger, strengthening the resilience and productivity of drylands, while stimulating economic growth. The project is undertaking the following action:

Land restoration: 6 000 hectares of degraded land restored and almost 250 000 seedlings of well-adapted local trees, shrubs and grasses planted.

Diversification of economic activities: development of high-potential non-timber forest products, including gum Arabic, Balanites oil, honey, baobab and gao tree fruits and leaves. Income generating activities, collecting and selling seed and fodder, production and sales of nursery seedlings.

Capacity development: training 327 small-scale farmers in natural assisted regeneration, forest and fodder seed collection and the production of seedlings in village nurseries.



Action Against Desertification in Niger [read more]

  • Intervention area: 35 villages in the regions of Tillaberi, Tahoua and Dosso
  • Population : 116 000 inhabitants
  • Surface: 2 623 000 hectares
  • Restoration potential : 1 446 000 hectares (56% of total area)