Action Against Desertification

Action Against Desertification implements Africa’s Great Green Wall restoration programme on the ground in 10 countries currently. The initiative is Africa’s flagship response to combat climate change and desertification, through large-scale restoration for small-scale farming across North Africa, the Sahel and Southern Africa, applying a transformative approach that improves landscapes and livelihoods of millions of people. [more]

Expanding Africa's Great Green Wall


Six African countries get support in the sustainable management and restoration of their drylands [more...]

Land restoration in Burkina Faso

Land restoration in North Niger


Unsustainable land management practices are causing soil loss and degradation of natural habitats [more...]

Land restoration in Haiti (EN)

Action contre la desertification – Haïti


In the Pacific, poor forestry and agricultural practices threaten natural habitats and biodiversity [more...]

Land restoration in Fiji

‘In Dust’ - An Artists Collaboration Against Desertification

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