Action Against Desertification

Drylands & Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) Monitoring Week

Expert Workshop, Rome, 26-29 April 2016


As a follow-up to the Drylands Monitoring Week organized in January 2015 that led to the Rome Promise on Assessment and Monitoring of Drylands for Sustainable Management and Restoration, FAO and partners will organize a second Week on Drylands and Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) Monitoring.

This technical workshop will bring together experts from countries and organizations, involved in the Rome Promise network and beyond to review the Rome Promise progress to date and the way forward, to develop a roadmap to support FLR monitoring efforts globally, to build a shared understanding of the concepts, opportunities and respective roles of partners in the implementation of these roadmaps and to discuss a proposal for a Committee on Forestry working group on drylands forests and agrosilvopastoral systems.  

More information on the FAO website Dryland forests and forestry