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Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Man in a tractor in Belize

Belize makes strides in agriculture sector

The government has embarked on a census that seeks to map the entire agriculture sector in the country.
Lamas in the Atacama desert

Intelligent Land Use Seeks to Make Headway in Latin America

Estimations show that 50 percent of agricultural land could be affected by desertification in Latin America and the Caribbean
Cocoa farmer in Colombia

How Cocoa and Honeybees Are Helping Latin American Farmers Thrive

Latin America produces 48% of the world’s sustainable cocoa and 85% of its certified organic cocoa
Farming ceremony held in Ñahuimpuquio, Perú

Peru will launch a system to prevent agricultural overproduction

Peru will implement for the first time in its history an alert system to prevent the overproduction of agricultural crops.
Fishboat at sunset

80% of the boats that fish on the Chilean maritime border are Chinese

In total, approximately 200 boats flying the Chinese flag operate on the border of the Exclusive Economic Zone.
Several fishermen sell their products to merchants on the coast of Manta, Ecuador

Growing momentum to close the net on illegal fishing

More countries sign up to block vessels carrying illegal catches
Burning cattle affected by foot-and-mouth disease.

Ecuador launches the first phase of foot-and-mouth disease vaccinations

More than 4 million cattle will be vaccinated throughout the country, except the Galapagos Islands.
Palm oil production

Colombia is the fourth biggest producer of palm oil in the world and the first in America

The adoption of good agricultural practices is one of the reasons for the increase in production.
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