Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Members of the Criminal Band Mara Salvatrucha

Latin America: The deadly cost of putting food on your table

Research shows that agribusiness — including coffee, palm oil and banana plantations — is the industry most associated with land and environmental [...]
Fruit processing plant in Chincha, south of Lima.

Trust: A Key Factor For The New Latin American Consumer

Food & drink is the industry with the highest trust rating in Latin America.
Lamas in the Atacama desert

Intelligent Land Use Seeks to Make Headway in Latin America

Estimations show that 50 percent of agricultural land could be affected by desertification in Latin America and the Caribbean
Cocoa farmer in Colombia

How Cocoa and Honeybees Are Helping Latin American Farmers Thrive

Latin America produces 48% of the world’s sustainable cocoa and 85% of its certified organic cocoa
Woman and child in Haiti

IICA and the IDB explore joint work in family farming

"There is a possibility of intensifying connections to implement projects in Haiti, in vulnerable regions of Central America, such as the Northern [...]
Hand cutting and field packing celery

Future of Latin American agriculture depends on technology in order to compete on a global scale

"The future of agriculture depends on the adoption of all available technologies in order to be competitive."
Worker at wastewater treatment facility

Ibero-American Alliance for effective water management

The 2nd "Forum of the Future in Spanish in Murcia," Spain, addresses future challenges in the water sector in Spain and the [...]
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